Online Safety Workshop With Sitarampura Kachi Basti Of Jaipur

“Education should be so revolutionized as to answer the wants of the poorest villagers, instead of answering those of an imperial exploiter."

Mahatma Gandhi

Beware Of Fakes In The Digital World

Every great task starts with communication and in the toughest time of COVID-19, we were contacted by Indian Women Blog, an organization working on social causes in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We were asked to do a workshop on online safety for the kids from standard 7 to 10. To help these families sustain the education of their children and to keep them in school, the Indian Women Blog has adopted 50 children from the basti, whom they support with tuitions, school fees, and also provide them experiential learning opportunities where children take on leadership roles through the community projects.

Beware Of Fakes In The Digital World

On 4th September 2020 Social Media Matters hosted the workshop with around 40 students through Zoom video conference. The workshop was designed and conducted according to the needs of those students. We had to focus on basic safety features of social media platforms and online surfing. Also how to control your information in the online spaces. Social Media Matters a veteran in conducting online safety workshops conducted this session in a very interactive way.

Our star Trainers Vikram Singh and Rayyan Yunus conducted the workshop, the topics which were covered during the workshop were Internet Safety, Cyberbullying, Google Safe Search, Youtube Safety, WhatsApp Safety and Facebook Safety. Our vision is that children must have happy, healthy and safe lives, whether that be online and offline. Our online safety workshops for children, teachers and parents seek to empower and to equip people with the skills to navigate the internet in a safe and kind way, with a focus on promoting ongoing communication between children and adults on online safety. We fully understand how drama, music, dance and art interactions can enrich the curriculum and help bring learning to life through imaginative play and exploration.

I am happy to note that online safety is being taken seriously. It's essential to spread the message across. The workshop today made me realise that a lot has to be still done and we need to keep going to make the internet a better place. Thank you, Anna and Team for making this happen”. - Vikram Singh

An entertaining and educational conversation happened during the workshop. We tried our best to entertain and educate those deserving students in our own way . We are delighted that we are able to let them understand the Safer Side of using the internet and several social media platforms. This was an entertaining workshop to teach kids about the dangers of hidden predators and their attempt to do malicious activities”. - Rayyan Yunus

Social Media Matters has traveled across 29 states in India, doing workshops on Online Safety, positive Cyber Etiquette in colleges. It was inspiring to see how the youth wants to use Social Media for Social Change across the country. They are truly the changemakers and we believe that we can also create several change agents through these workshops. Please get in touch with us to organize these types of workshops for a social change.
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