Online Safety Workshop with the students of Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi

Social Media Matters believe that teaching internet safety through online workshops has to be a top priority for non profit organizations. It is clear that many parents and teachers lack both the digital skills and confidence to properly protect children and young adults from an extensive range of online dangers.

The process of knowledge dissemination has been interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, given the fact that societies all over the world need to get back to normal in some form or the other, and that as of now, social or physical distancing has become mandatory in almost every aspect of our lives, including online skill building and education, this will have to be done gradually and carefully. One positive outcome of the lockdown is the acceleration in adoption of digital technologies but this also leads to the increase in online security issues. Students as well as teachers are somehow lacking in proper understanding of online safety and security. However, both groups will have to make serious adjustments to get the most out of online safety since at present both students and teachers have an incomplete understanding of the tools and technology they need to use, Specially social media platforms.

On 17 september 2020, Social Media Matters conducted an Online Safety Workshop with the students of Deshbandhu College, Delhi University. The workshop was conducted through Google Meet where around more than 100 students participated. The workshop was scheduled from 04:00 pm - 05:00 pm but the enthusiasm of students stretched it to further 30 minutes more.

The workshop was conducted by Pratishtha Arora and Vikram Singh who has worked within humanitarian causes for several years and has specialised in online safety workshops. They are renowned Online Safety & Social Media Awareness Trainer for educational institutions, organizations and also consultants for government projects.

Some of the reminiscences from the workshop were Drama and performance techniques for an engaging and interactive learning experience. The trainers also tailored the content to address the most important internet safety topics during the workshop. The workshop addressed topics such as Social Media for Social Change, Privacy Settings, Hate speech and positive speech, keeping personal information private.

Some of the prominent questions asked during the workshop by the students were:

  1. I'm visiting a website from a company or organization that I've heard of. They want my name and phone number so I can enter a contest. Is it OK to enter?
  2. I met someone in a chat room who wants to get together. They live nearby. Can I arrange a meeting?
  3. I'm online and I get a message from my Internet service provider asking for my password. They say they need it to fix my account. Should I give it to them?
All these questions were properly answered by the trainer at the end of the workshop. The trainers also helped them learn the difference between what’s personal and what’s best left private and most importantly where to get help and support from if being a victim online. The organizer ended the workshop with a thanking note for the trainers as well as for the organization.

A fun workshop with all the students of Deshbandhu College who are determinant and enthusiasts for Social Change.
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