Manage Cyber Crimes in India

Enough Budget to Manage Cyber Crimes in India

In February 2024, the Union Budget was passed in the Parliament and a significant change was observed under the major heads. But what did we see for the allocation of cyber budgets?

In the interim budget, 759 crores have been allocated for cyber security. Though the budget has been doubled from the previous financial year we need to be considerate of the fact that cybercrime has more than doubled. Till April 2024, 740,957 cases have been reported so far. If we foresee it then this can probably increase to approximately 22 lacs by the end of the year.

India is increasingly vulnerable to a spectrum of cyber threats. The question arises: Is India allocating enough budget to manage cyber crimes effectively?

The Rising Tide of Cyber Threats in India

The trends of cybercrime are rapidly changing, now targeting individuals across all age groups, leading to a surge in financial scams and online frauds. This diverse targeting complicates the response, requiring a multi-faceted approach to address the unique vulnerabilities of different demographics.

We need to realize that focusing solely on infrastructure will not suffice to battle cyber threats. Instead, there is an urgent demand for awareness programs, especially within educational institutions, to educate the public about safe online practices. Schools and colleges play a crucial role in fostering a culture of cybersecurity awareness among the youth, who are frequent targets of cybercriminals. If we set the foundation for children then cyber crime can shrink. However, we need adequate funds for these vital educational initiatives to effectively implement it, otherwise, many individuals will be vulnerable to cyber threats.

What is Happening with the allocated budget?

Why are we not questioning or talking about the utilization of the allocated budget? The developments are quite invisible as in many parts of interior India, children are still unaware of the safety mechanisms, they don’t know where to report a cybercrime. Is there enough awareness about it? While we all admit that the Internet has entered every household, so does crime. Some know about it and many don’t until they are a prey of it. The cases we receive on our helpline are also a great example to see that people are not aware of how and where to report cybercrime in India. Therefore, we need to know where the budget is being utilized and if it is so then how it is being utilized.

Areas Needing Attention

The problems are clearly defined but to talk about the solutions we can consider some of the key points from the learnings from the ground. The needs, asks and demands are quite evident.
  • Infrastructure and Technology: Investing in advanced cybersecurity infrastructure and cutting-edge technology is crucial. This includes upgrading existing systems, adopting AI and machine learning for threat detection, and ensuring robust protection for critical information infrastructure.
  • Skill Development: There is a dire need for skilled cybersecurity professionals. The government should focus on training and capacity-building programs to create a pool of experts capable of addressing complex cyber threats. To appoint a special force that only looks at the cybercrimes with trained personnel.
  • Public Awareness: Enhancing public awareness about cyber hygiene and best practices is essential. Many cybercrimes exploit human vulnerabilities, and educating the masses can significantly reduce such incidents.


Undoubtedly, the Indian government has made commendable strides in addressing cybersecurity concerns, but there is a lot more that needs to be addressed. With the population size of India, the current budget allocation may not be entirely sufficient to manage the rapidly escalating cyber threats. A more substantial investment, coupled with strategic implementation and collaboration, is imperative for India to safeguard its digital future effectively. Witnessing the cyber trends it is of belief that cybercriminals have become more sophisticated, they have alternatives to crimes conducted. To advance with time this not just requires adequate funding but also a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that includes infrastructure, skill development, public awareness, and robust public-private partnerships.

To leave you with thoughts, do you think the allocated budget is sufficient to tackle cyber crimes in India?

Our Commitment

We at Social & Media Matters thrive in creating a safer and secure online environment for the users and with our mission, we have generated awareness across the country by conducting workshops in over 900 schools and colleges. I believe that creating more student leaders in this industry will help us regulate the importance of digital literacy and awareness. Also, in collaboration with public-private entities, we wish to reach out to every individual to sensitize them and educate them about their digital rights and responsibilities.

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