Beware Of Fakes In The Digital World

During these times, while most of us prefer resorting on e-commerce websites for our daily needs, look up to online educational courses for continuing with our studies and are shifting to adopt e-pharmacy and telemedicine apps for our healthcare needs we must be aware of nitty-gritties of dealing with such online and digital means. Online ways are easier and convenient to rely on during these times, and also keep us safe in this situation of pandemic, allowing us the freedom of accessing the world from our homes and helping us to not venture out.

Beware Of Fakes In The Digital World

While these methods are beneficial, we must not forget that we need to be utmost careful in using them. The e-commerce platforms take due precautions and necessary steps while on-boarding only authentic sellers, but wicked ones always find loopholes and start selling fake and substandard products on the e-commerce platforms. People also get defrauded by the fake and exactly similar websites of registered educational institutions. We do not discourage anyone to buy online or rely on online mediums as one may always get cheated for counterfeited products and fake degrees in the real world as well. We only urge to keep your senses strong and be vigilant while dealing in the virtual world.

While you shop online, always remember:
  • Never fall for huge discounts, offers or cashbacks on the products, immediately.
  • Always check the reviews of certified buyers and ratings on the products given by them.
  • Check the return and refund policies of the sellers properly.
  • Go through the product details and descriptions like brand, logo as per specification, trademark etc. carefully as the fake products are copied perfectly.
  • Match the products which you intend to buy from the website of the manufacturer directly, if possible.
  • While receiving the products you ordered, check them again, and if you feel the product is not appropriate or up to the mark, please return the same and report the reason on the
  • website of the e-commerce platform as well as the seller.
You may also find many online educational websites, giving you alluring offers of earning marksheets and degrees without even taking examinations. Beware of such online mediums. Many of them go up to the extent of establishing fake boards and fool lakhs of innocent people around. Sometimes the websites of such institutes are copied word by word and colour by colour from the original one.

To keep yourself safe from being deceived, your mind must bear:
  • If you encounter any such scheme which is offering you marksheet without examination, or immediately, or in less time frame than usually expected time, then get alarmed, there is something suspicious.
  • Check the background and registration of the institute.
  • Check by simply typing the name of the institute in Google and hundreds of links giving reviews and news items will appear on the authenticity of the institute.
  • Check the list issued by various boards and UGC frequently pointing out the fake institutions.
Similarly you will find many websites and apps claiming to sell the medicines with heavy discounts. The government regulations around the telemedicine and e-pharmacy apps in India are not very encouraging and clear today, but in the wake of such distressed times, where the future is unpredictable, the digital seems to be the mainstream. Digital helps people to virtually meet and talk. It acts as the supportive method in prevention of this virus today. The day, where remote advice virtually from doctors and intense adoption of e-pharmacy apps within the masses is not far. In one way, it may be a boon for those in rural and underdeveloped areas who cannot access doctors immediately, but use such mediums must be done very mindfully, and one should constantly maintain these hygiene checks.

  • If you find any e-pharmacy app or telemedicine advertising any drugs on radio, tv, newspaper or any other medium, please get alerted as it is prohibited.
  • Check if the online seller is genuine and registered with the regulatory authority.
  • Match your drugs with the prescription, when you receive the consignment, to ensure if the drugs sent are those only, which have been prescribed.
  • If you have received your delivery late and you feel the medicines are not in their best conditions, then do not compromise, think again, it is your health at stake, return the products, as mishandling of drugs on the route or exposure to sunlight may have caused them substantial damage.
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