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What is Wranga?

Mentor Your Child's Digital Consumption

Wranga is an ecosystem for digital parents to raise children in a safe and positive cyber environment. It provides you with an online platform of content ratings, reviews and recommendations customized for your child. Wranga is your friend philosopher guide helping you better navigate the digital world for your children.

The Consequence of The Digital Revolution

There has been an explosion of content, mainly in the digital space, with very little oversight or control for children and young adults. Historically, audio and visual content was consumed in a controlled manner, but it has changed entirely with the advent of the internet age.

What is Wranga?

How Does Wranga Help Parents?

1. Helps parents make informed choices

2. Choosing content consumption

3. Technology adoption decisions

4. Knowing the effects of technology on children

5. Adapting to socio-technological environment

6. Prepares parents to handle children digital life

How does Wranga help parents

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Digital Media Advisory

Analytics Platform

Analytics Platform

Providing detail rating of the OTT contents and games


To build solutions for adequate digital socialization


Providing actionable insight for parents about OTT content and gaming


We categorize available content into age-prescribed, detailed reviews, mainly for parents’ consumption as advice in value-neutral terms. This also helps in navigating and reaching the desired content faster.



This is being learnt by a machine and quantitative and qualitative methods, which will help us scale up the whole process shortly, achieve a higher degree of precision of reviews, and get into other language content quickly.



Before the content goes to reviewers, a machine is watched, which also identify and indicate objectionable content, whether it is visual, audio or a graphic detail, which also goes to both the quantitative and qualitative review team.


Explainer Videos

Based on the study, we create a quick text and video explainer breaking down the content components and giving parents tools to start conversations with children regarding the content.

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