HashTag Ladakh
Hashtag Ladakh
Hashtag Ladakh
A Social Media BootCamp for Beginners
Become a Social Media Magician
7 Days Of Intense Social Media Training
Social media today has emerged as a creative tool to highlight and mark your presence in the world. Hashtag Ladakh is a social media boot camp to build your understanding of digital marketing and spearheading social media campaigns. These are proven campaign tips that we will share with you to give you the edge and let you explore the digital world in the lap of Ladakh.
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Amitabh Kumar
Hashtag Ladakh will be providing the best social media training. With over ten years of hands-on, extensive digital marketing experience, we have created national and international social media campaigns, done trainings with beginners as well as professionals. Many social media leaders have emerged from our past workshops and have gotten results and continue to grow their skills with our comprehensive program.
Pratishtha Arora
The Boot Camp is designed to build on the foundations for social media learners who want to learn the basics and wish to take their knowledge to the next level. The programme is an action packed adventure of one week to accelerate your knowledge of the digital world. It is cutting edge education with a simple learning oriented methodology. Be the first to join in this unique training experience.
  1. Live Demonstrations
  2. On site Projects
  3. Real world campaigns
  4. Strategy Planning
  5. Tool Kit Demo
  6. Tips and Tricks
  7. Advanced Campaigning
  8. Impact Sessions


Hashtag Ladakh is appropriate for absolute beginners and the ones who want to learn how to approach Social Media strategically for a high earning career.

Marketing professionals who want to step into the field of Social Media
  • Agency Professionals
  • PR Professionals
  • Freelancers and Solopreneurs who want to shift to Social Media
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to get results
  • Non-Profits
  • Government Organizations
  • Job seekers wanting the most in-demand skills


  • You need to implement digital marketing but don’t know where to start.
  • You aren’t getting the results you want from digital marketing and need to develop a more strategic plan to grow your Return on Investment.
  • You want to keep your organization up-to-speed on the latest digital tools that are driving businesses.
  • You are a business professional who doesn’t fully understand the leading digital tools – you want to keep your skills up-to-date.
  • You are tired of outsourcing your social media marketing and think that you can do a better job.
  • You are a savvy business professional who wants to lead your organization in adopting new technology.
  • You are executing social media or digital marketing and want to be sure that you are using best practices and driving meaningful results.


Hashtag Ladakh is 7 Days PACKED with content and training to help you succeed. We give you advanced strategies, tactics, tools and tips to take your results and knowledge to the next level. Plus we’ve included the 1:1 time you need to get individual support or help implementing.
HashTag Ladakh Shanti Stupa

Day 1: Leap of faith! The Different Platforms

Location: Shanti Stupa, Leh

The first day focuses on what you need to know about social media, also once you have the basics clear and you are completely convinced about the power of various social media platforms, you will be able to take the leap of faith. Which is essential to take your social media presence to the next level. We dive deep into what it takes to get intended, how to measure success and optimize. You are the center of your Social Media campaign, you are the show-runner! You need to believe.

- Starting out on Social Media
- Putting an executable plan together
- Mapping out our skills and network

Skill Set: Designing content for a Campaign. #Text #Video #Audio #Photo
HashTag Ladakh SECMOL

Day 2: Start Your Campaign

Location: Shangri La, Leh + SECMOL

Let's get to work ! We believe in learning by doing :). And we get started on our campaigns. Each group will have a mentor assigned to them. And they start working upon an extensive campaign plan. It will be a real world simulation, so our mentor will also role play as a Boss/Client.

- The anatomy of a campaign
- Working Out the basics for your campaign
- Creating a detailed campaign blueprint

Skill Set: Campaign Canva. Scheduling Software.
HashTag Ladakh Nubra Valley

Day 3: Crystal Clear

Location: Nubra Valley

After the 1st two days, we know you will be flooded with questions, Day 3 is all about getting each and every doubt sorted. Remember there are no foolish questions, so fire away and we will search the answers together.

- 1 on 1 Q&A
- Working on a customized plan for you
- Setting out skill workouts for the next 3 days

Skill Set: The art of finding Social Media answers. Facebook groups, Twitter Lists
HashTag Ladakh Pangong Tso

Day 4: Time for Magic

Location: Pangong Tso

It's time for you to shine! You will be spending day 4 creating your own, multi platform social media campaign. All the learning will now be showcased to the real world! A complete self made campaign from scratch!

- Time to present your first campaign
- Brutal constructive feedback
- Tools to make your campaign look super professional
HashTag Ladakh

Day 5: Time to Advance

Location: Shangri La, Leh

Major difference between an amateur and professional is the approach. Day 5 is when we push it a notch higher. Bring out the pro in you. Make super professional presentation deck with live examples that you can showcase to the world.

- Learning to use new tools
- Becoming a power director
- Creating your own pro deck

Skill Set: Spark Post, Power Director
HashTag Ladakh Tso Mo Riri

Day 6: Road to the Future

Location: Tso Mo Riri

All good things come to an end, but Hashtag Ladakh is the beginning of your Social Media career, we guide you towards future steps, of finding a job, freelance assignments or how to take your company to the next level in social media spaces.

- Creating an executable plan of action
- How to hack the right network
- Detailed individual improvement report
HashTag Ladakh Evaluation Day

Day 7: Evaluation Day

Location: Shangri La, Leh

This will be the last day of the bootcamp where all the participants will evaluate the workshop and their learnings. On this day the participants can plan to either leave or stay back in the pristine beauty of Leh by extending their stay.

What Makes Our Training Different?

Comprehensive Workshop
Get everything you need to know to have digital marketing success in ONE place.

Interactive, Engaging and Hands-On
Engaging exercises will prepare you to implement what you’re learning.

Tools, Templates and Resources
Planning templates, quick start guides, tip sheets and checklists keep you focused on getting results.

Small + Intimate
You’ll get personalized attention and all of your questions answered.

Proven Successful Strategies + Actionable Tactics
Covering strategy to tools, tips and tricks to help you get more from your digital marketing execution.

Industry-Recognized Certification
Earn your industry-recognized certification that is trusted by tens of thousands of marketers from around the globe.

Plus it's Ladakh
You get to travel and learn in the most inspiring places in the world, where you understand the true meaning of being grand.

Advanced Boot Camp Details

We offer the program once a year in a major city in India. Contact us to stay informed on the date & location of this year’s event. The program runs from approximately 9:00 am – 5:00 pm each day.

What is Included: Included in your registration you get:

  1. 7 days of amazing advanced content
  2. Action planners, handouts and guides
  3. Digital version of all materials on a USB at the training
  4. Access to our online closed group for life, which is constantly sharing updated information about Social Media
  5. We will pick you up at the Leh airport and drop you back
  6. Flights to Leh are not included in the cost above
  7. Meals, snacks, coffee and travel within Leh
  8. Medical expenses are not included in the cost above
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