Social Media Matters

Team of Young, Feminist, Social Media Ninjas, working for Social change. True believers in technology we have been empowering diverse groups. We specialize in all aspects of Online safety, from policy to capacity building. We have done Internet safety workshops across India and the globe, created innovative tech solutions for positive use of social media.

We have created #SocialSurfing, @TweeSurfing, Gender Matters. Now working together with diverse stakeholders to create awareness generation campaigns, do capacity building workshops in the skill of Social Media.

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Diverse Approach
Engaging Content

If it does not engage you, content is pointless. We ensure to connect with the core feelings of the user with our content. In space of Online Safety it is essential one maintains a informative approach. The Internet is a tool we use to simplify our lives, hence knowing the pros and cons help us to use it optimally.

Certified Experts
Interactive Workshops

We use Emojication to provide working knowledge about diverse rules and tools of the cyberspace. Each capsule is divided into 15 minutes of an emotional journey, ensuring the participants are involved every step of the way. Our workshops are customized and audience oriented.