Our CEO Pratishtha Arora in Global Age Assurance Standards Summit, London
Our CEO Pratishtha Arora in DC a Panelist at the FOSI Annual Meet, Washington
Search for Common Grounds to Discuss Youth Radicalization, Sri Lanka
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On the Road for 45 Days in 19 Cities for Online Safety
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First-Time Voters Spoke To Us About Misinformation

Social & Media Matters

We impact Policy through research, awareness and capacity building.

Specializing in trust and safety, we focus on the problems faced by people while using technology. Our commitment lies in fostering a safe online environment, where trust and informed public policy play pivotal roles in shaping a more inclusive and secure digital landscape.
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Hyperlocal research is crucial in crafting robust tech policies because it acknowledges the unique cultural, social, and economic contexts of different communities. While the internet is a global phenomenon, its impact is profoundly localized, with each region having distinct digital behaviors, needs, and challenges. Understanding these nuances is key to developing policies that are not only effective but also culturally sensitive and inclusive.

Expert Round Table

Once we have collected significant data on a problem, we discuss it with field experts and stakeholders. As we believe in coordinated efforts its extremely important for us to involve diverse voices.

Interactive workshops and events

We use Emojication to provide working knowledge about diverse rules and tools of cyberspace. Each capsule is divided into 15 minutes of an emotional journey, ensuring the participants are involved every step of the way. Our workshops and events are customized and audience oriented.

Online Safety


Fake News/Misinformation

Dalit Lives Matter



Enough Budget to Manage Cyber Crimes in India

budget-to-manage-cyber-crimes-in-india Category: Online Safety In February 2024, the Union Budget was passed in the Parliament and a significant change...

Contextual Challenges in Content Moderation

In this blog, I would like to discuss the role of recommender algorithms as tools for the visibility management of unpleasant content over a social...

Perils Of The Digital Age: Challenges And Solutions In Content Regulation On Technology Platforms

Continuous attempts are failing! We are frequently asked to report abusive or improper content on platforms such as

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