Breaking up Facebook is not the Solution

In one line, I agree with Mark.

Breaking up Facebook is not the solution and certainly not a precedent we want to setup. Yes there are problems with the world’s largest social network, and we need to solve them with urgency. I don’t see the problems being specific to Facebook, its early days of being a Digital citizen and we are in the process of learning from our mistakes.

As it is well known technology shapes culture, and with each technological development their is a change in culture. The current issues that our being faced by Facebook and other social media platforms are a part of this.

I had earlier written about the failure of community guidelines in India, I guess a longer blog is required on how Facebook went from childsplay, to a player in deciding about the future of our democracy in India.

As the virtual world enters are actual world there will be more instances of conflict. Presently with absolutely no education about cyber etiquette most of the users are learning by doing. And its not just the users it is also the platforms. A lot of what is happening was not foreseen and hence was difficult to predict. I think we certainly require laws and standard safety practices to be developed at a global level. Also positive participation of informed stake holders to ensure the technology being developed is being used for good and not using the users for its own good.
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