Digital Parenting | Open House | Episode 1

Lockdown has been challenging for many especially for the working parents as they have to manage children and their work simultaneously. But nevertheless, this crucial time will be remembered by everyone as this has also brought many positive aspects.

During this time, parents have been able to take out time from their busy schedule and speak to their children about family values, family time, sharing the Load are some of the activities which are being followed by many families. Likewise, there are many online activities which are taking place and people are joining to connect with different communities.

As part of MyPincode, Social Media Matters has initiated with Open House on Digital Parenting where we talk about the safety aspects of Social Media, Internet and the OTT platforms. Many parents have shown their concern about the safety of the children in online spaces today. When we spoke to them about the screen time they expressed that there are times when its difficult to manage and limit screen time for children. To help and guide parents about Do's and Dont's in this crisis time we are running a series of Online sessions on Facebook to keep parents informed.

On 26th April 2020, we conducted our first online session where many parents engaged with our expert, Amitabh Kumar and shared their opinion about it. Some of the users asked:

"Do you suggest that small kids should not be exposed to screen time at all? Possible?"

"Many working parents especially mothers have to triple the burden now. To ease down they end up giving screens and gadgets to kids. What would you advise in such a case?"

In past, we have conducted similar programs offline, but to keep the discussion going we have switched to online platform during COVID-19. Please follow our Facebook page to keep yourself updated with our ongoing initiatives.

What is MyPincode?
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