Digital Parenting | Open House | Episode 4

"It's never too late - start the conversation about digital safety with your children today"

On 15th May 2020, our 4th Episode of Digital Parenting Open House was aired LIVE on Facebook. Our expert Amitabh Kumar highlighted upon 'Negotiation with Children' and the best practices.

Lockdown is certainly becoming a different experience for everyone. Every day is new learning. What better time to know your adolescent or teenage child(ren). It is a difficult phase and its vital for children to understand this situation. Parents are working from home, children have their online classes and all this is dependent upon gadgets increasing the dependency on the internet and devices. While schools are conducting online classes, hence it's a good time to teach children and make them familiar with the safe use of technology. It's significant to understand how to use technology and not get used by it. This makes it equally important to bring parents to initiate a conversation with their children about gadgets and digital safety. Slowly and gradually monitor your child's online behavior with different approaches and keep a check on the activities - be it games, watching videos, checking pictures or content.

"The #COVID19 has changed our lives, parents especially have to rely on many digital tools for educating & entertaining their children. Our Digital Parenting open house focuses on some simple actionable tips for parents in the cyber age." says Amitabh Kumar

As a good practice of digital parenting, sit with your children and have a conversation. Break the ice by knowing your child's favorite movie/cartoon/game. It's always healthy to discuss rather than to scold or question them. The time is here to bridge the generation gap. Let's make our children a responsible NETIZEN.
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