Digital Parenting - A Safe Parenting

Do you fear that our Children are being exposed to unwanted content online? Do you think parents need to be more aware about the current/existing online safety mechanisms?

To bring the conversation in the limelight, we at Social Media Matters have started with a new pitch for Digital Parenting. A new concept that is not-so-much popular in India yet but a budding concern on large scale.

Under this newly developing pitch, Digital Parenting, we have formulated two specific lists on our twitter platform - Cyber Schooling and Digital Parenting.

The intent of creating the list is to put together experts, prominent speakers, researchers, and individuals, giving aid and advice to discuss the grieving and concerned issues of cyber safety. Anyone who wishes to talk or discuss about the two thriving areas that require global outlook and wants to be the part of our initiative please do subscribe our Twitter lists – Digital Parenting and Cyber Schooling.

Steps to Subscribe the Lists
  1. Step: Visit @SociallyBlog List
  2. Step: Click on the list ‘Cyber Schooling’
  3. Step: Click on ‘3 Dots’
  4. Step: Follow the list
*To be able to follow ‘Digital Parenting’ List follow similar steps from Step 3

Let us be a part of this rising concern in every society across the world and making it a better and safe place to bring up generations into.
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