Discussing Digital Rights on Human Rights Day

Human rights today are no more limited to its physical forms. Human rights online have come into discourse.

In this blog we are discussing what are the conversations happening around digital rights across the globe.

Discussing Digital Rights on Human Rights Day

Let’s talk.

So, who is there to keep a check on digital spaces? Who is there to support the users in trouble? How are the issues defined by law? Where are they defined? Do we know about them?

Digital rights are just like putting you basic rights into action. In the era of social media, India has been witnessing a growing number of users.

It is observed that the digital rights have been violated as well as misused many a time. We are discussing freedom of expression, diversity, culture and knowledge gained in the light of technology these days. Also, looking at the vital role where tech has been leveraged to increase the impact.

There is a dire need for awareness about digital rights and the safety procedures that are being developed for the protection of users of all ages. The digital spaces lets a user explore a plethora of opportunities to network, connect and bring about positive change.

The Internet brings together organisations, national and international both and systems, knowledge and most importantly communities. It is self channelized and converts into a pool of information source.

The subject matter is so huge that there are several reports and the organisations are set and devoted for the same. Finding yourself a sense of security online is something that every user must think about.

There has been efforts by the stakeholders towards encrypting communication and protecting the digital rights of social media users specifically. But there is a long way to go and much more efforts are required to let every user know about his/her digital right.

Here I would like to bring my little brain feeds to the end, and sharing with you a few interesting reports, news articles and initiatives to surf through.

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