Delhi: Don't Be A Fool 2.0

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Elections have been announced in Delhi and with that comes a surge in spread of misinformation/disinformation/fake news. Call it what you may, but as a voter you are the one being targeted. Political parties will create campaigns to trigger cognitive dissonance, they will test your critical thinking and the skill of deductive reasoning.

What Can We Do?

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As activists working on using cyber technology to social change we have created a research tool. It was extremely effective during Lok Sabha elections 2019. Its an awareness & research tool to measure the impact of disinformation on the upcoming Delhi Vidhan Sabha elections 2020.

Our Delhi focused study will look into, not only the effects of misinformation but also the platforms through which it is distributed, its frequency and whether or not users are able to decipher it. We are collaborating with organizations and individuals to ensure we reach out across diverse socio-economic groups.

The research and awareness tool was developed in consultation with experts both from the field and academia. Keeping the convenience and privacy of respondents in focus the data collection has been done through random sampling and anonymously. This methodology will also ensure a high accuracy in the sample.

This is a collaborative effort to create awareness and curb the epidemic of Fake News. Team Social media matters will be taking our learnings to colleges and schools inform of an educational workshop.

What Can You Do?

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Share it with your friends, its completely anonymous, no personal data will be stored, it's done to ensure we highlight the issue of Fake News and also understand its impact.

Long live the revolution!
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