Sexing South Asia: Law Activism and Sexual Justice

On 20th July, I was a part of an interesting conference, our panel was titled "The Privacy wars: Sexuality education in the age of POCSO and online Gate keeps". The panel consisted of lawyers, policy experts and activists.

Sexing South Asia: Law Activism and Sexual Justice

It was an informed discussion about privacy, how it is protected by the law in India and how does it play out in reality. Being a field activists it always seems like you are reading a quote from a fiction novel when I read laws of India. So beautifully worded, capturing India’s spirit from the lutyens perspective and completely failing in the field :(, like most of the oxford educated intelligentia of India does.

I think the major flaw is providing theoretical knowledge first and then visiting the field to fit in what we see into our preconceived notions. Anyways back to the topic, as we discussed the idea of privacy, we pretty much realized there is still a major lack of awareness about it.

Sexing South Asia: Law Activism and Sexual Justice

From the field if we were to look into the awareness aspect, the truth is tragic, as the majority of sexual information present in the public domain is dominated by the film industry and the porn industry. Thanks to them most Indian’s know what our bodies should look like, and that's where the myths of sexuality begin.

The problem is staring us in the face, sadly the solutions are way to hush to even get started. In a country where tradition leads to vote banks and sex is the most muted topic, how do we raise awareness using tech?

Do we work together with the porn industry? They certainly have the reach, and I am sure will be on board with to promote positive sexuality. But they are illegal in India. Do we work with CSO’s, but every time we post about sexual health the platforms are proactive in censoring us. School curriculum? But that will hurt of our male elected representatives.

I don't have an answer, I just feel bad about the young people growing up in India :(
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