Sextortion a Nationwide Epidemic

India's Dark Secret: Sextortion a Nationwide Epidemic

  • My private photos is been sending to my friends.
  • I want to delete the photos that were circulated to me in a group chat on the Instagram application due to the anger of someone who shared them with my followers.
  • I want to stop my intimate images on all social media.
  • Someone hacked my Facebook account and shared vulgar photos by using my photo and my Id.
  • Can you please guide me how can i get rid of this issue i faced where I'm being blackmailed by someone regarding my intimate videos and they are demanding me money yet i didn't send any money to them.
  • Someone adds me on Instagram and she sent me nude photos of mine and he blackmailed me.
  • One of my Instagram followers has taken my video and now she is asking for money to delete the video or she will upload the video everywhere.
  • Getting Blackmailed by frauders on the sextortion case of intimate video content which is they make fake & Blackmail by viral the content to my fb friends lists & contacts.. and they continue asking money also. I already gave plenty money to stop this nonsense but they continue asking money & blackmail by this all.

Sextortion is tearing through India like wildfire, sparing no one in its path. From the corridors of power where politicians and police officers walk, to the bustling markets where businessmen hustle, down to the classrooms of teachers and the screens of influencers, students, and doctors – it's an epidemic, and it's out of control. We're talking about more than 500 incidents a day, yet what's even more shocking is that less than 0.5% of these cases even see the light of day as formal complaints. It's a stark, disturbing reality that crowns India as the world's capital of sextortion. And let's not gloss over the fact that two-thirds of Gen Z are in the crosshairs of these cyber predators. Whether it's due to an actual spike in sextortion cases or just more of them coming to light, the bottom line is clear: the situation is dire. We're facing a crisis of unspeakable magnitude, and the question of why we're seeing this surge is secondary to the immediate need for aggressive, decisive action.

Now, specifically if you are in the above situation today!


If the person blackmailing you is asking for money then send them this message and BLOCK them.

“I am NOT going to pay you! I have registered an FIR against you with all the details to the National Cybercrime reporting portal.“


What happens in 50% of the cases after this is the cyber criminal moves on, though in the remaining half of the cases they still try to reach out to you from different WhatsApp numbers, Instagram dm’s, Facebook Numbers, our advice BLOCK! BLOCK!! BLOCK!!! BLOCK!!!! and do it 3 more times

In my experience 99% of the time the criminal does not pursue after 7 times (this is not an exact science, more of a stat I have come up with, while trying to help victims of blackmail). Till you reply to them they will pursue, and they are doing it simultaneously to 100 or more people, so you don't matter to them, the second they realise you are not paying them they move on.

While this advice seems too passive, too simple, it's the only one that works, other tools are. Filling a case in a police station, here is a standard FIR format, if you would like to consult lawyers, we regularly work with Animesh Sinha and Partners, to inform social media companies STOP NCII is also a good resource. You can also directly complain on the National Cybercrime reporting portal. You can also reach out to the grievance officers of the social media platforms - Facebook || Instagram || WhatsApp || YouTube || Snap || X/Twitter

Just to be very clear, while the CURE to sextortion is in filing the FIR, fighting the case, getting the criminals convicted, it takes time and resources. If you have both, drop us a mail we will be with you every step of the way. BUT if you just want this problem to go away, like most of the folks who reach out to us. Use the BLOCK methodology.
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