Netflix and Digital Parenting

Team Social Media Matters was at an amazing creative town hall organized by Netflix.

Mr. Ajay Arora responsible from product innovation shared the highlights of the platform, especially how it is accessible on all devices, also how the platform is customized for low end bandwidth and mobile configurations.

Ajay Arora Netflix

Most interesting for us Online Safety peeps was the section about parental control present on Netflix. This truly makes it one of our beloved OTT platforms. As its an essential part of digital parenting to be able to introduce our children to technology, while ensuring their safety. Netflix enables exactly this, From provide account level controls, where you can set a 4 digit pin to which will regulate access to Netflix itself, to profile level controls depending upon the age group of your child.

For more information please spend some time here.. We are working towards creating an information hub for digital parenting, if you have any questions, inputs, please get in touch with us.
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