Story Telling for Social Change

Story Telling for Social Change

The most powerful person in the world is a storyteller - Steve Jobs

Story Telling for Social Change
Story Telling for Social Change


Storytelling is one of the most beautiful ways of conveying a message, and we are true believers of this art. We ensure each aspect of our work be it awareness generation, capacity building, research interaction is viewed from a storytelling lens. While the world rushes towards quantity we still believe in quality and taking our time to design our approach.

As we stand in front of a crowd which is young, energetic, powerful and determined, we continuously strive to keep the participants active and interactive. The moment you lose the attention of your participant, the interest of the training is lost.

After conducting more than 500 workshops across sectors in India, our team is equipped with ideas and instant mechanisms required to catch the attention of the crowd.

We Don’t Deliver Lectures, We Do Workshops.

Story Telling for Social Change
Our Narrations

100% Organic.

We have devised our own strategies to communicate with each participant group differently. As we stand in front of students, our trainers get in to a mode of being one amongst them so as to make them feel more empathetic and then convey our messages. Similar to this, a workshop with the police is case and solution specific, with the communities it is more inclined towards presenting resources of change. The activities designed by us are interactive and they automatically leads the participant to understand the concept without much of our intervention.

Story Telling for Social Change
200% Engaging | 500% Non Sleepy Content

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