Teach To Ignite

We are passionate about workshops, really believe in them, and the most interesting ones are the ones with Teachers, Professors, Educators. Culturally we Indians have a lot of respect for teachers, team Social Media Matters is no different. So when we got an opportunity to engage with 120 teachers at USEIF’s "Teach to Ignite" initiative, we were excited.

Online Safety is a topic we all are trying to understand, for the past 5 years my team and I have been working intensively in this space. Being digital migrants most teachers at times are unable to understand the importance of cyberspace for their students, who are mostly digital natives. The first step towards cyber safety is achieved after understanding the importance of cyberspaces.

Teachers are extremely important to highlight the importance of positive cyber etiquette for digital well being. During the course of the workshop, we shared tools to ensure the conversation around cyberspace remains positive and balanced. While it is true that students will be requiring technology for their day to day life in the coming times, it also essential they learn to appreciate the limitations of the tech.

It was an extremely interactive session, with topics ranging from cyber bullying to the use of social media for social change. The encouraging feedback from teachers is always inspiring us to innovate further. Looking forward to our next workshop.

If you would like us to organize a workshop in your school, please get in touch with us .
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