What Does Tiktok Has In Store For Parents

The most popular social media app these days, TikTok has appealed to the youth incredibly. It has been a rage in the world of digital content creators and enabled a larger number to use their platform and be creative.

Millions of hits, comments, and other engagements keep the excitement all-time high on the platform. But there is more to TikTok when it comes to the safety aspect of this application.

The app allows users above 12 years of age (differs on iOS and Android).

Here are a few steps that you can take to control your Kid's access to the app.
  1. Make it a Private Account.
  2. Control downloading and commenting on videos.
  3. Use Digital Wellbeing Feature < Restricted Mode - An optional account setting to limit the appearance of content that may not be appropriate for all audiences.
  4. Digital Well being < Screen Time - It offers to enter a passcode if you wish to continue to use TikTok after reaching the screen time limit.
  5. Alternatively, an app lock can be installed to restrict its usage by kids.
Apart from these, as parents, you need to sit down with your kids and speak to them about the right time to use the app, the right content and the right creation of content. Build their capacities to themselves figure out what is right or wrong for them.
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