Cyclone Fani

Cyclone Fani - Twitter Works Even When The Internet Doesn't

As I write this blog #CycloneFani is growing on the easter coast of India. I hope from the bottom of my heart
TikTok Ban In India

TikTok 's Date with Madras High Court

Here I am refreshing my Twitter feed searching for News on #TikTokBan, yes that's the tech world we live in.
Instagram vs Facebook Crossposting

Instagram vs Facebook Crossposting

Instagram….Facebook… Hashtag… Desktop… App… total chaos?

Well well well now it comes to an end.
Startup Content Marketing

5 Steps To Ensure Startup Content Marketing Works!

Got a startup? Need to get the word out? Well follow these 5 steps to ensure it happens!
TikTok Controversial App

TikTok vs The Moral Police of India

This blog is going to get us in trouble with many people, but that's the nature of truth.

Use Jumbo for Online Privacy

Don't Be A Dumbo, Use Jumbo!

For the last 3 years, My crew and I have travelled across India informing people about the various privacy settings on Facebook and Twitter.
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