Hate, Harassment, and Positive Social Experiences in Online Games

#ItsNotAGame: It's Serious Abuse

ITs not a game, it's serious business, 152 billion dollars worth of seriousness as of 2019.
Keep Your Device Safe

8 Steps to Keep Your Device Safe

Every mobile phone comes with safety features. These features protect your private information and make sure that
Dangerous TikTok

TikTok India: The Beasts And The Beauty

I have such a love hate relationship with TikTok in India! It's hard to explain, lets talk about love,

Tiktok Has No Solutions For Extreme Content!

TikTok is the new kid on the block in the social media spaces, it has an ever increasing user base in India,
Mental Health Concern

Why Bullying – A Mental Health Concern

When we talk about safety in the digital spaces we are also talking about the health issues it tags along.

How to Play PUBG Mobile Safely

एक ज़माना था जब कार्टरिड्ज गेम हम सबके घर में होता था और बचपन में वही मनोरंजन का साधन होता था गर्मियो की छुट्टिया हो या सनडे की छुट्टी, हम कई तरह के गेम उस पर खेलते थे जैसे कोन्ट्रा,
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